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Partnership with God Weekend

 My House in Order - Partnership with God

​​OCTOBER 29, 2016

Stephen Bohr Live

A fourth-generation Adventist and Michigander by birth, Joel Nephew began denominational work in 1988 as a Literature Evangelist. He started pastoring in the New York Conference in 1992, where he was later ordained to the gospel ministry. He and his wife Corina have two adult sons, Justin and Alex.  In his leisure time Joel enjoys cutting wood, beekeeping and short-term building projects, as well as basketball and the occasional round of golf; but his passion is for enlarging the kingdom of God.  He is the Director for Men's Ministries, Director for Stewardship, and Director for Planned Giving and Trust Services in the Michigan Conference.

Joel Nephew will be presenting on the following topics:

Sabbath Morning:  The Worth of Jesus

Sabbath Afternoon:  The Threat of Jesus

Sabbath Afternoon/Evening:  Q & A, Joel Nephew and Norm Zimmerman, Trust Services Director for Kansas/Nebraska Conference


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